Organize a Fundraising Event

Organize a Fundraising Event

Here is an very effective and creative way to get involved. Organize a Taking Back The Rainbow Fundraising Event with your friends, family, church and community. This is the perfect opportunity to unite for a good cause with a BBQ evening for example. Please make sure to also send us your pictures from the event. 

Here is a list for your event:

- Choose a date for the event.

- Choose a location for the event. 

- Make plans for food and organize people who will also bring something with them for the event.

- Call your friends and family, write invitations and invite them via Facebook and email.

- Send us pictures from the event.

Send the raised Donations to Taking Back The Rainbow:

Your Donations enable us to reach more people and help us respond to those that want to come out of the devastating LGBT movement. Together we are Taking Back The Rainbow through Love! Together we are making a difference!