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In the News 03.2023

Taking Back The Rainbow is a Movement of Rainbow Ministries International which started in the year of 2018. We are helping individuals and we are mobilizing the body of Christ for the issue. For too long the people were silent about how the LGBT community is twisting the topic of the rainbow and making it their own sign, but it is time to stand up for the truth. In the news we can see the horrific consequences of LGBT in our society. With our Movement: Taking Back The Rainbow we are telling the world that the Rainbow is not a sign for the LGBT community, but a sign from God. 

Here are 5 ways to get involved:  

- Share this good work with your friends, family, church and community.

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In March 2023 Pastor and Rabbi Kirt Schneider has joined the movement. Rabbi Schneider is now also speaking about this topic in his TV and YouTube Channel, and he is mobilizing followers to stand up. On his Website and he is also encouraging his viewers about Taking Back The Rainbow. Join us in Taking The Rainbow Back. Together we are making a difference.